Some say you can spend a lifetime sailing the Greek isles and not see it all. Our mantra is “You have to start somewhere”. So here it is, Team Azure’s favorite destinations. All you need to do is join us on a cruise.


Saronic Gulf

Formed between Attica and Argolis peninsulas with stunning beaches that line across the gulf coast. The Saronic islands are located just off the Greek mainland. A memorable experience that combines beautiful land views, magnificent beaches, unique history, remarkable archaeological sites, museums, charming villages, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle that can suit any taste.


  • 20 minutes
  • 9 miles West of Floisvos Marina

The largest of the Saronic islands with remarkable history. It’s ancient port dates back to 4th century BC, where the famous naval battle of Salamis took place. Among historical sightseeing’s are the Folk Art and History Museum, the Maritime Museum and a number of beautiful churches and monasteries. Swimming beaches can be found on the southern part of the island.


  • 30 minutes - Southwest of Floisvos Marina
  • 20 minutes - South of Salamina

Your closest island destination to Athens. Aegina town stands out for its unique, well-preserved buildings. A number of charming, traditional small villages surround the island offering swimming options for all tastes. Choose between warm therapeutic waters and isolated coves, pebbly or sandy beaches, quiet or cosmopolitan and well-organized with bars and restaurants.


  • 1 hour 15 minutes - South of Floisvos Marina
  • 30 minutes - South of Aegina

Poros is a beautiful, historic, green island in the heart of the Saronic and located across a narrow channel from the mainland. Some call it a well-kept secret but boaters know this destination well for decades. Its long port is very friendly to yachts and sail boats with plenty of dining and entertainment options. Nearby beaches are real gems with crystal clear waters one will remember forever.


  • 2 hours - South of Floisvos Marina
  • 30 minutes - South of Poros

A yachting paradise, a completely car-free island and one of the most romantic destinations among the Saronic gulf. Amphitheatrically built, its breathtaking stone mansions constructed by Italian artisans reveal its wealth and aristocratic atmosphere. The walk along Hydra’s picturesque narrow cobblestone streets will let you explore museums, boutiques, fine restaurants, and coffee shops.


  • 2 hours 30 minutes - Southwest of Floisvos Marina
  • 30 minutes - West of Hydra

Often called the jewel of the Argo-Saronic gulf, an unforgettable destination. The island is abundant with natural beauty, overgrown with pines and aromatic plants. Explore its rich history and culture, visit museums, take a walk, or a horse carriage from the new port towards the historical old port. Enjoy its finesse and cosmopolitan nightlife. Swim at beautiful crystal-clear beaches surrounding the island.



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  • 2 hours - East of Floisvos Marina

Located to the south of Attica, your closest to Athens Cyclades destination and a true paradise for hikers. The architecture is not your typical whitewashed houses, it’s more of an elegant architecture with neoclassical buildings painted in earthy colors. Breathtaking landscapes, traditional villages, beautiful white sand beaches with turquoise waters are some of the gems of this island.


  • 2 hours 15 minutes - Southeast of Floisvos Marina
  • 30 minutes - South of Kea

An unexploited paradise known for its simplicity and hospitality. The island belongs to the South Aegean region very close to Kea, also famous for its hot thermal springs dated since the 12th century. Recharge your batteries and sense the slow pace of life. Discover unexploited caves, swim in secluded beaches, snorkel in sapphire blue waters. Visit its traditional charming villages and taste authentic island recipes and local delicacies.



  • 3 hours 15 - minutes Southeast of Floisvos Marina
  • 1 hour - South of Kythnos

The harmony island or often called the ‘Island of Apollo’. Swim in pristine beaches, can’t decide if one is better than the other. Check out pretty small villages with traditional Cycladic whitewashed houses decorated with ancient flowers and see more than 300 churches. This island is most famous for its gastronomical scene offering a variety of fine dining choices serving delicious Greek food, amazing pastries but also great nightlife with lots of bars and local attractions.


  • 3 hours - Southeast of Floisvos Marina
  • 1 hour - East of Kythnos
  • 1 hour - Northeast of Sifnos

The ‘Administrative hub’ of the Cyclades. An artistic charming beauty with cultural and historical heritage. Traditional, but cosmopolitan with neoclassical, minimalistic, aristocratic architecture. Wonder around the capital Ermoupoli. Visit theater ‘Apollo’ a copy of Scala de Milano and ‘Vaporia’ a district where captains kept their residences. Walk up to Ano Syros the breathtaking medieval style city overlooking the Aegean Sea. Take a dive at clear waters, check out crowd-free sandy beaches surrounding the island and taste authentic local delicacies.



  • 4 hours - Southeast of Floisvos Marina
  • 1 hour - South of Syros

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One of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, located in the heart of the Aegean Sea. Its serene landscape and rolling hills are dotted with small churches and monasteries. Explore its charming atmosphere, the ancient, medieval ruins, and monuments. The picturesque white sugar-cube towns and villages are complemented by endless sandy beaches with clear blue waters. If you are looking to enjoy nightlife, there are plenty of nice bars and trendy nightclub options on the island.


  • 4 hours 30 - minutes Southeast of Floisvos Marina
  • 15 minutes - East Paros

Located in the South Aegean is the largest of the Cyclades Island group. It’s known for its fertile landscape and produce autonomy. Whitewashed, cube-shaped houses, medieval Venetian mansions, traditional hilltop villages, ancient ruins and lots of archeological treasures are some of the islands highlights. Discover the waterfront cafés and restaurants serving great food and local delicacies and enjoy swimming along crescent, clear blue sandy beaches.



  • 4 hours 30 - minutes Southeast of Floisvos Marina
  • 15 minutes - South of Paros and Naxos

A small idyllic island in the Aegean Cyclades. An island-hopping destination mostly known for its wild party scene. Distinctive Cycladic architecture with picturesque white houses and blue-domed churches, cool bars, elegant restaurants where you can enjoy yourself any time of the day. Experience the stunning long stretch clear blue sandy beaches, and enjoy the amazing sunset from uphill, overlooking the house terraces.


  • 3 hours 30 minutes - South of Floisvos Marina
  • 1 hour 30 minutes - West of Ios

The most southwestern island in the Cyclades. A beautiful variety of landscape forms uniquely shaped whitewashed rocks which are falling into mesmerized clear blue waters. The island’s white-sand beaches, thermal springs, spectacular caves, and secluded catacombs create a once-in-a-lifetime romantic experience for the traveler. The famous statutes of ‘Venus of Milo’ and the ‘Asclepius of Milos’ were both found on the island.



  • 4 hours - Southeast of Floisvos Marina
  • 1 hour - North of Paros and Naxos

The ‘Island of the Winds’ is part of Cyclades group of islands. Its iconic landmarks include a row of 16th-century windmills which lay on a hill just above ‘Little Venice’ and Mykonos’ town. Discover its crystal-clear sandy or pebbled beaches, its beautiful nature, picturesque villages, taste delicious Greek food, and enjoy a chic lifestyle. The island is most famous for its unique vibe and vibrant nightlife in mega clubs hosting famous, international DJs.


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